A brother and sister wrestling duo have an opportunity to make the big time but ‘Paige’ is the only one who gets the gold star leaving her brother Zak at home to deal with his mundane existence.

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  1. Dan Beeston March 1, 2019

    This is two films. One American sports film, you’ve toh-dally seen a thousand times. Awesome underdog battles hard, overcomes some grodie setbacks and finally makes her dreams of celebrity come true. It’s trite, endearing and passably entertaining.

    The second film is a British drama about a young chap having his hopes dashed away and being stuck wiff ‘is sprog and a chip on 'is shoulder. This elevates the story slightly. But look, if you think you might like a film about wrestling, go see some live wrestling instead. That’s right. There are wrestling communities all over the world. Skip the big screen and go find out what you local performers *deep breath* ARE COOKIN’!!

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