Dr Stephen Strange faces his most challenging journey yet as he travels through the multiverse to protect a strange young girl. But perhaps his greatest fight is the one inside himself.

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  1. Peter Linning May 6, 2022

    Multiverse of Madness is a delightfully spooky departure from the standard MCU formula, with Sam Raimi's signature flavour of horror-weirdness elevating what could have been an otherwise standard superhero flick. It's a visually interesting movie every step of the way, and has enough twists and turns to keep you engaged, but the sheer scale of the stakes involved make it difficult to get too concerned about the outcome.

    3.5 stars

  2. Anthony Sherratt May 4, 2022

    Given the cameos and twists of this multiverse adventure, it’s actually quite difficult to write a spoiler-free review. I will say it’s a lot of fun. That it’s not as complex as previous marvel multiverse productions such as Loki. That director Sam Raimi does a great job of being himself without quite making this a horror movie. That even a few trite moments don’t detract from the overall sense of whimsy and a few moments of geeky cheering.

    It would help if you’d seen WandaVision before this but it isn’t essential. Same with a few episodes of Marvel’s What If…? Those who have will get a little more out of some of the Easter Egg moments but nothing pivotal to the plot. Good fun.

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