Your favourite upstairs/downstairs characters are back on the big screen. Hollywood comes to Downton to make a movie, while some of the Abbey residents travel to France to investigate a mysterious inheritance.

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  1. Elizabeth Best April 29, 2022

    The present world is kind of rubbish, so fans of the show will relish the opportunity to lose themselves in the escapist costume drama of Downton once more. Much like the first movie, this definitely feels like one of their Christmas specials rather than a standalone movie; or like you’ve just binged a few episodes. As a Downton fan, I slipped back into the world oh so easily but anyone not already familiar will struggle if this is their first foray.

    For me, it was a delight to see my old TV friends again.

    2.5 for non Downton fans.

    3.5 overall from me.

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