A misfit searches through seven fantasy worlds for the aerialist she’s fallen for. Who are we kidding? It’s Cirque du Soleil’s Greatest Hits.

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  1. Stephen Scott November 9, 2018

    When asked to describe a traveling Cirque du Soleil show, I said "it's something you have to experience for yourself". The same can be said for this mish-mash of the company's seven Las Vegas live shows.

    How does it compare to a live show?
    • Nowhere near as good: when you see it live you are immersed in the breathtaking experience. This is more like a Whitman's Sampler - with so many amazing bits, and the flimsiest of plots, it gets surprisingly dull.
    • Just as good: HOW DO THEY DO THAT? Wow. What an astonishing display of human ability.
    • Even better than the real thing: you get to see all the minute details, plus some things you'll never see live.

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