Good morning Charlie! The now multi-national Townsend agency is alerted to the threat of some new technology being weaponised. Then it’s Angels to the rescue as the chief programming engineer of the invention is whisked away for protection.

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  1. Johanna Lyon November 14, 2019

    When every second male character makes misogynistic comments the trope gets a little mouldy. How many villains can one spy movie have? Kristen Stewart isn’t the cringey bad-ass I expected; in fact her genuine quirky moments serve as a nice little character anchor point. As for the other main characters? Meh. It was really hard to connect with any of them. I mean, I get they’re mysterious spies but we really don’t know these people. The fight sequences are thankfully a saving grace, accompanied by a dope dance party in which no-one was over-sexualised (yay!) and cinematographer Bill Pope pulls off some of coolest lighting of 2019. Watchable, somewhat enjoyable, but ultimately forgettable. 3 Stars

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