Still to record the song that will unite humanity, Bill and Ted learn the stakes are even higher and that reality itself is threatened if they don’t. Unfortunately they’ve been trying for decades and are seemingly washed up.

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  1. Elizabeth Best September 16, 2020

    They say Bill and Ted’s music is supposed to unite the world, but perhaps it’s their movies that will instead. Face the Music is 91 minutes of pure, wholesome joy that’s sorely needed in these strange times. There’s no cussing, no sex, no violence, just switch your mind off dumb fun ready to hit you right in the nostalgia feels. My one criticism is that for a movie about how important the music and that “one song” was, the song itself is nondescript. The moment still feels, well, momentous thanks to the infectiously charismatic performances but I was looking forward to rocking out at the end

  2. Peter Linning September 16, 2020

    Bill and Ted Face The Music is the cinematic medicine that the world needs right now. It's a big-hearted, good-natured adventure, packed with silly laughs and nice little moments that call back to the original movies without relying on too much prior knowledge. There isn't a whiff of cynicism in the laughs that the movie delivers, and it always errs on the side of positivity. It may benefit from not having much in the way of competition in cinemas, but it's also a refreshingly wholesome and simple comedy, more than worth your time. 4 stars.

  3. Anthony Sherratt September 5, 2020

    Sometimes films recapture nostalgia perfectly. The original Bill & Ted films followed two guys who were 'non-intelligent' but incredibly loveable rather than cringe-worthy. I'm delighted to report the long-awaited conclusion will leave fans laughing out loud and feeling good about life. Not even a naff ending can detract from wonderful performances and silly jokes that somehow work. The daughters capture their father's mannerisms brilliantly and the references to previous movies land wonderfully. Quality wholesome fun. 4 stars.

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