Jason Bourne Alita is a normal guy girl cyborg-girl who has a big missing chunk of his her memory. Slowly he she realises that the skills that he she instinctively uses, indicate a much darker past.

So basically, a deactivated female cyborg with manga eyes is revived, but cannot remember anything of her past life and goes on a quest to find out who she is. Mayhem ensues.

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  1. Stew February 19, 2019

    First off, go see this film. It's a dense visual feast that deserves to be seen on the big screen. Having said that Alita is not a perfect film, it tries to pack far too much story into its run time, to its detriment. I'd have loved for this film to have "breathed" a little more and to let me have more time falling for the characters. You can almost sense that Director Robert Rodriguez knows that not being a Disney/Marvel/Star Wars film, the chances of a sequel are small and thus he's needs to jam as much of this world and mythos into it as possible. Aside from the frantic story Alita is lots of fun and SO much eye candy. Check it out. 3/5

  2. Dan Beeston February 12, 2019

    The problem, when you’re trying to tell the first third of a whole story that takes place over the course of nine separate volumes of comic books, is that a lot happens, but nothing seems to get anywhere.

    Characters are presented with a dozen separate scenarios, some more disjointed than others. No one is changed. No one grows. No one is enlightened. Most of the things that are promised never arrive because someone wants this story to last a really long time. Good news guy! It already feels like it does.

    Better than average fight scenes at least make it interesting.

  3. Anthony Sherratt February 12, 2019

    Alita boasts incredibly impressive FX and someone made the wise decision to embrace the uncanny valley rather than fight it. So while our main character's never quite right, she's not supposed to be.

    Unfortunately the story is heavy-handed, predictable and laden with clunky dialogue. They've obviously melded several storylines from the original source but they've done it in a way that doesn't make logical sense and makes it feel a bit tedious towards the end. Which is a shame because the fight scenes are fun and with a bit more attention you'd care about the characters more.

    It's still entertaining but it should have been so much more.

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