A gender-flipped remake of a 2006 Danish film, After the Wedding is a family drama that follows two women whose worlds’ seemingly crash into each other. When Isabel (Williams) is thrust into a charity deal with Theresa’s (Moore) company it comes to light they have shared more than your average weekly office meeting.

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  1. Johanna Lyon October 10, 2019

    Kicking off with a hilarious and uncomfortable satire of our society with the stark juxtaposition between the poverty of an Indian Orphanage and the excess of a NYC wedding, we are left confused as all that interesting conversation is dropped for a subtle family drama.

    Did this movie need to be re-made? Does it bring anything new? No.

    It does impress technically however; from the thoughtful, intense score by Mychael Danna to the lingering moments in which dialogue ends but the story keeps going, thanks to the work of Michelle Williams and Billy Crudup.

    It also features one of the most authentic and moving emotional breakdowns I’ve seen on film by Crudup and Julianne Moore. 3/5 stars.

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