Tony Nash


An actor since birth, Tony Nash enjoyed acting out self-choreographed fight scenes with his older brother for his parents (his father, a computer engineer and his mother, a pharmacist) and their guests at the age of five. He got his start acting in high school plays and winning awards at regional theatre festivals for his stage presence and immersion into character. Once, following a run of the staple Canadian production, 'The Farm Show,' writer Paul Thompson of Theatre Passe Muraille remarked, 'I didn't know Marlon Brando did Bruce Pallett!' Pallett was Nash's character in the ensemble play. Growing up in a strongly traditional community, Tony was then urged to take up a more conventional vocation as a lawyer or a teacher. He obliged and took some time away from acting to pursue a career in law before eventually turning to education to become a French teacher. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in French and Political Science and a Master's Degree in Adolescent Education. However, the sweet siren song of the thespian would not loosen its grip and Tony Nash would eventually leave teaching behind and return to his only love; this time, trading the stage for the screen. You can catch him as Ibrahim Salah on the Audience Network's Condor and as Omar on CBS's new action-adventure series, Blood and Treasure. You can also hear him as the voice of the narrator, Bassam, in the audiobook version of Rawi Hage's visceral novel, De Niro's Game. A polyglot, Nash is fluent in French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. His favorite actor, to whom he owes his gratitude for setting the path, is Marlon Brando.


Movie Name Release Date
Tolkien May 3, 2019