MWW Michael Wilkerson


MWW Michael Wilkerson 6'5" 255lb actor, can be seen on The Walking Dead Show as a Negan Savior, and various other Badass non-speaking roles for Motion Picture movies. Born in Southern Illinois, to a family of hard working Blue Collar Workers, on a farm where you have to create things to make things work with no money. Having went to College, holding a full-time professional job in his daily life, he has found time to go Seek out TV & Film roles to Entertain his appetite for ACTION! Wilkerson is based in Illinois, outside of St. Louis Mo, USA, Also a Sci Fi Author writing the Book Titled "Ziin". WILKERSONBOOKS.COM ***Inspired by all the Big Action Stars from the 80s to present. Hurt himself reenacting Jean Claude Van Dammes 1989 Kickboxer movie tree kicking in half stunt. Had to try it again, and got hurt twice. We just don't have palm trees in Illinois. Should have did research. We have oaks. *** Been told no a thousand times every corner i turned. Been laughed at a thousand times for trying to be an actor. Thank you for those who did this. : ) U motivate me, with a Redbull in my hand. And gun show in the other. Love you guys. P.S. My few followers, "I love you too".


Movie Name Release Date
Zombieland: Double Tap October 17, 2019