Jacob Taylor


He was born in Caribou, Maine, USA, in 1977. He has three brothers; Damian, Johnnie III, and Raphael. He is the third son of J. David Taylor Jr. PhD.; and Carolyn Taylor. In 1984, his father was assigned to military duty overseas, in RAF Bentwaters, in Suffolk, England. Shortly thereafter, at the tender age of 7, Jacob began attending the Woodbridge American Elementary School. Early he displayed affinity for studies in various cultures, music, dance and the performance arts. During the next three years (1985-1987,)Jacob excelled in dance, speech & elocution; Drama and music. He was a regular performer for school productions. According to his 2nd grade teacher (now deceased), he had a "knack for impressions and impersonations...truly gifted in character interpretation." However, he especially took a liking to Musical productions in theatre. Then, as fate would have it, Jacob's father accepted another assignment overseas at Ramstein AFB, in what was then, West Germany (1987-1991). During these last years of the "Cold War," Jacob was exposed to more cultures, worldly customs and methods of creative expression. He first performed in plays which his father would write for church dramas and cantatas. Then he began performing in various secondary and junior high school productions at the Landstuhl American Middle School (Landstuhl, Germany) and the Ramstein American Junior High School (Ramstein AFB, Germany). As he was honing his craft, Jacob also was active in such sports and extra-curricular activities as American Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and the Landstuhl Youth Association and Ramstein Youth Association (located on each AFB respectively). After the Berlin Wall came down in November, 1989. Life began to speed up for Jacob and he began to grow more efficient in his performance skill. By the time he was 14, Jacob and his family moved back to the United States of America. However, Jacob picked up where he left off in Europe, jumping straight into community theatre. During this time (1991), Jacob began to develop other facets of his dramatic "arsenal" at Dover Air Middle School, on Dover AFB, Delaware. He began to study accents and the German language. He understood that the uncommon, yet eccentric mix of being an African-American who could seamlessly "nail" languages and specific accents would be to his best advantage, where his talent's marketability was concerned. Upon Graduating from Dover High School (1995), he attended Delaware State University for one semester and then opted to put his dreams on hold and join the Air Force, like his father. After a brief enlistment, Jacob resumed college at Delaware State University in 1999. He then also resumed his acting career. After completing his training, he moved on to preparation at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California (2003). In the winter of 2006, Jacob decided to make his craft his profession.


Movie Name Release Date
A Star Is Born October 5, 2018