Aleksey Morozov


Aleksey Morozov was born in Leningrad. In 2001 he graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts in the studio of V.M. Filshtinsky, specializing in "Theater and Cinema Actor". After graduating from the Academy, he was invited to the troupe MDT - Theater of Europe. Later he changed his activities - he worked for several years in the field of public relations in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In 2006 Morozov returned to St. Petersburg at the invitation of Lev Dodin at MDT - the theater of Europe for a number of roles. At present he is an entertainer of the troupe, member of the Young Theater Studio. On the "Culture" TV channel, he conducted a series of programs "There is a rapture in battle ..." about the history of duels in Russia.


Movie Name Release Date
The White Crow March 22, 2019